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This page was last updated on: 23 October, 2012
On-Site Custom Modifications
Never underestimate the power of a custom design shop. A workshop outfitted with hand tools, and a few basic power tools such as a table saw, drill press, and belt sander is of great benefit to clients. Not only can a client be assessed and a custom solution can be built in a short period of time, but clients may also be assessed and have a customized solution ready for them before they leave.
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One final example of the usefulness of an on-site
workshop involves repair work. One of our clients
came in to have some adjustments and repair work
done on her chair. The bottom of the scanning display box had been cracked exposing the circuitry inside. Usually, a replacement part would need to be ordered. But the client had traveled a distance visit us, and making transportation and attendant arrangements for another trip would be problematic. With our in-house shop we were able repair the box while other work was being done on her chair, making replacement and another visit unnecessary. The client left with a properly functioning and safe chair. Having a small workshop available to use during evaluations where a client visits an Assistive Technology center is of great benefit to the client. Repairs to the clients equipment may be made, and custom devices may be made to immediately fill the client's needs.

Having a small workshop available to use during evaluations where a client visits an Assistive Technology center is of great benifit to the client. Repairs to the clients equipment may be made, and custom devices may be made to imediatly fill the client's needs.
Child's tricycle that has been modified with a back support and foot straps
The tricycle has been modified for a young child with a traumatic brain injury. A back support for the seat and foot holders for the pedals were added, enabling the child to ride without assistance. The support was made from ABS plastic, and brackets to hold the seat and foot holders on were made of 1/8 inch steel bar. Total time to make these modifications was about 5 hours.
This universal mount used with an augmentative communication system was modified to hold a second button. The assessment found that the client could use two buttons if one was placed just above her knee and the other button was about 6 inches above it. The universal mount could hold the upper button, but custom mount was needed to hold the lower button in the proper position. Additional requirements were that the custom mount was permanently mounted to the universal mount, and the lower switch was permanently mounted to the lower mount. This was needed because the client comes in contact with many people though out the day who don't know how to position switches. This custom attachment for the universal mount was made in less than 30 minutes, while the client was at lunch. When the client returned, the mount was finished and the client could continue the assessment with proper hardware. The custom attachment was made of ABS plastic and 3/4 inch plywood using the table saw, belt sander, and drill press to quickly produce the final product.
Another augmentative communication client needed a mount for access to a head switch. The mount was for use on a manual chair, and needed to be a permanent mount that could be adjusted to maximize accessibility. The adjustable mount was fashioned out of ABS plastic in about 45 minutes, while the client was out to lunch. Once again, using the workshop and material we were able to fill the client's needs immediately.