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Taking applications for 2007 and 2008.

Position Title: Rehabilitation Engineering/Rehab Tech Specialist Internship
Employment Type: Paid Internship
Employer: Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
Location: Birmingham, AL
Contact: Michael Papp, link to contact form
Pay Range: $693.90 bimonthly
Closing Date: continious
Qualifications: second year student in ABET accredited engineering program
Type of Work: Employees in this classification will work with Rehabilitation Technology Specialists and learn how to  provide direct technology services to clients.  Skills learned include  evaluating a client's condition to determine if technology would be beneficial, determining what technology would be of the most benefit, instructing both clients and Rehabilitation Counselors in the proper use of the technology, etc.  Employees may be required to assist in gathering and maintaining a resource library of information for technology related issues.  Employees are also responsible for administrative duties, such as writing reports and updating client records.  In most cases, employees will also serve as a member of a district-wide technology team.
Applicants should be able to set up a computer, install software, assemble desks and other furniture and equipment.

Additional Notes: This position requires extensive local travel in a personal automobile. Valid Drivers' License Required. Overnight travel may be required.
How to Apply: Conact Michael Papp for application informaiton.

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Rehabilitation Technology Internship