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This page was last updated on: 23 October, 2012
"Drinking Bird" Napkin Band Dispensor
An employee with poor fine motor skills works at a local
Italian restaurant rolling flatware in napkins. He has difficulty separating the sticky backed strips of paper which are wrapped around paper napkins to hold the bundles together.

Inspired by a napkin dispenser, a spring loaded box was made from  Plexiglas with a hole cut in the top the same width but shorter than the napkin  bands. A makeshift spring made from a coat hanger holds the bands against the top of the box. A counterweighted rod with a ball of stick tack is pressed down  though the opening to pull out one strip at a time.

This jig was nicknamed the "Drinking Bird" in American Sign Language by an interpreter for the Deaf whom had help develop this job for the employee.
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Click to Enlarge. Line drawing of napkin strip seperator
napkin strip seperator before it has pulled a strip out of the box
napkin strip seperator after it has pulled a strip out of the box
Click to enlarge line drawing