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Technology Watch - June 2001
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Image of Extreme 4 by 4 wheelchair

Extreme 4x4 Wheelchair - 20 June 2001

This power wheelchair has a sealed 4 brush motor on every wheel…four in all. It has a top speed of 5 mph, and a range of around 19 miles. The chair is outfitted with large knobby balloon tires, and can climb up to a 15 degree incline and jump 6 to 8 inch curbs. The chair can be fitted with a modular seating system, power tilt, recline, elevating leg rests, head and tail lights, and a luggage rack.

For more information, go to


Image of Lautzenhiser Drive Control on a styrofoam head

Lautzenhiser Drive Control - 20 June 2001

The Lautzenhiser Drive Control by Magitek ( is new power wheelchair interface which provides the user with proportional control of their chair through movement of their head, hand, finger, or foot. The device is not position dependent in the wheelchair and is supposed to overcome the traditional seating and positioning hurdles typically associated with alternative drive controls.

Product features include self centering, a settable on delay, adjustments on the amount of head movement needed to activate the product, adjustable setting to eliminate fish tailing, automatic shut off when user has spasms, and two extra switch ports.


Recall Notice

Attention - Invacare Power Chair Recall Notice - 6 June 2001

Invacare has recently discovered that, on rare occasion, an electrical short may occur that is not protected by its existing 60 amp fuse. In order to insure the safety of out products, additional 15 amp fuses have been designed into the system. If you have an Invacare power wheelchair purchased between 1988 and June of 2000 please call the dealer from which you purchased your chair to have the replacement kit installed on your wheelchair.

If you can not locate your original dealer, please contact Invacare Corporation at 1-800-333-6900 and select Option 8 and we will direct you to an Invacare Service Center.



Pop Charts D provides link to rich text beneath Web charts and graphs - 1 June 2001

Visually impaired people will soon be able to access most information contained on government Web sites by using Pop Charts D from Corda Technologies Inc., which is also being offered to businesses looking to reach people who, according to industry experts, are now largely underserved by the Internet.

Pop Charts D creates a dynamic, descriptive text equivalent to information underlying charts and graphs on Web pages. The descriptive text can be read by a screen reader, providing the visually impaired the same access to the information as other users.

From: Software Development Times - May 15, 2001 - page 7
By: By Christina Purpi
Read the entire article at:

Information about Pop Charts D can be found at: